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Dispensary Etiquette


Have you ever wondered what is expected of you when you enter a dispensary?

1) Bring your ID and Arizona Medical Marijuana Card. It is required by the State of Arizona that each patient show their ID. There is no need to complain when a staff member asks to see your ID. Have it out ready…you will be asked to show it….sometimes several times!

2) Bring cash. We only accept cash, not credit card, not check, no other form of payment. Tucson SAINTS Dispensary does have an ATM inside their dispensary for your convenience. SAINTS ATM’s do not have a surcharge (your bank may charge a fee based on your account setup)

3) Feel free to ask questions! Budtenders expect that you will have questions, so ask away! We are here to help you get the strains that you need so we may have questions for you, too. If the dispensary is busy, Budtenders may ask you to limit questions to the product being purchased.

4) Budtenders are trained and are the experts on cannabis. They are there to help you and assist you in making a good decision on what to try for your medical conditions. If you are an “expert” and have been using marijuana for a long time, remember that you are not there to school our Budtenders. They have devoted time, energy, and experience learning about cannabis and all the products available at the dispensary you are visiting. Vendors often come to train staff on their products. BE RESPECTFUL…even if you have your own opinions or experience.

5) The price is set so please don’t ask us to do something illegal. Budtenders will help you maximize your budget or inform you of a better way to purchase your medicine.

6) Leave your dogs at home unless they are Certified Service Animals. If your dog is jumping all over other patients, barking, or is uncontrolled, you will be asked to leave and not bring your dog back.

7) Turn your phone on silent, vibrate, or OFF. Remember…no pictures, calls, or social media posting inside.

8) BE KIND, relax, and enjoy the experience! Our staff is working as fast as we can and doing everything we can to make your experience enjoyable. Kindness and respect will make everyone’s experience better!

* Comments are open…feel free to share your experiences or thoughts on your first time visit to a dispensary!


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6 thoughts on “Dispensary Etiquette

  1. Jaime Thatcher says:

    from someone who works in the field this is spot on
    to bad you didn’t add in to tip

  2. KWcolorado says:

    Right on! Everyone needs to read this before each visit to any dispensary in any state. I’m from Colorado and find this is an important topic that we don’t talk about enough. Why are people such knownit all’s when they come in? If you know so much then why aren’t you behind the counter selling weed? Rant over

  3. Mary Beth F says:

    People get mad when they are there buying weed? Dude they need to get over themselves.

  4. Chris says:

    As a patient of saints of tucson I’m surprised that this needs to be said. These points are useful for every day activities and what we live by. Do y’all have problems with clients not obeying these topics? Shaking my head at what people do. Y’all should put up with anyone who disrespects you. I love all the saints peeps. Peace and love to all who work there. My favorite dispensary to visit. See y’all on Friday

  5. Anonymous says:

    I work at a dispensary also and I wish our managers would post this so others would see it.

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