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white sumo-tina-danza-strain

White Sumo Strain

🔥Sunday SAINTS Strains 🔥

Tina Danza – Hybrid —“This one was lovely! No anxiety, no clenching and tension, just a bright, happy feeling that left me able to function fine, but I can absolutely feel the mood improvement it induced. 10/10 a great experience, highly recommend if you find Straight Sativas a little too zippy!’ -Review by Tucsonblonde (leafly)

Cookies – Hybrid —Remove negative thoughts with this sweet hybrid! This sweet strain will remove stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mendo Breath – Indica —an excellent sleepy time strain. Patients who have PTSD, stress, and chronic pain find that this indica is a must have.

White Sumo – Sativa- (WALK IN ONLY)-this sativa will rev up your energy and creativity, while elevating your mood and removing depressive thoughts.

$6/ GRAM!