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Timeless Vapes subtle way to medicate

🕰Timeless Vapes…giving patients an efficient and subtle way to medicate.

All Natural, High Potency, No Fillers or artificial flavorings

Energy (Sativa): great daytime options when you want to get up and get moving

Chill (Hybrid): Perfect Anytime, perfect blend of relaxation and euphoria.

Rest (Indica): great for evening use, incredible calming and soothing effects

“Taste the Terps” with Timeless Vapes all natural terpenes!

Also on the menu for Wax Wednesday:

🍾Cuvee ($20/.5g)

🍊Monk Fruit Live Resin ($25/.5g)

🌟GDP kief

🌔Moon Rocks

🌔Neptune Nugs

SAINTS Concentrate Wednesday! Get 20% off Vape Products, Wax, Kief, and Moon Rocks!