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Tim, our Budtender of the Month

Tim, our Budtender of the Month.

“So much MORE than just a Budtender”
Tim’s peaceful, calm, and optimistic personality fits well with our patient’s needs. His vast knowledge sets him apart as one of the absolute BEST Budtenders in Arizona. He thrives on witnessing success in our patients and feels deeply about the powerful medicinal effects of cannabis.

Lets Get to Know Tim…
History: Manager, 3+ years at Tucson SAINTS
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Spending time with Fiancé (Congrats, Tim and Suzi!) 💍

Favorite Products:
Strain: Blue Dream, One of most popular strains, hybrid/Sativa Dominant, good for pain, stomach issues, euphoria, best of indica and sativa 🍃

Edible: Jamyn, 100mg gummies, taste great, price is excellent, VERY popular 🍒

Pain Patch: Pure Ratios, sciatica, lasts 96 hours, works really well!

Tim, we are thankful for you everyday and appreciate all that you do to help our patients and to make SAINTS the best dispensary in Tucson.