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Northern Lights LIVE Resin 1000mg

Northern Lights 1000mg LIVE Resin: a clean, potent, and VERY flavorful vape cartridge. K.I.N.D Concentrates uses the whole cannabis flower-before its been dried or cured-to make their live resin, producing a superb quality, high terpene content, fast acting medicine for many ailments. If you suffer from pain or insomnia, and need immediate relief, you will […]

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LIVE resin Kind concentrates

If you have yet to try K.I.N.D concentrates live resin, today is a great day to pick one up! KIND’s award winning Live Resin comes in a convenient, disposable, and discrete slim pen. All VAPE products are on sale today, 20% off. Homepage #KIND #kindconcentrates #slimpen #liveresin