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Looking for an unbelievable dispensary deal on WAX or your favorite strains? Check this out! SAINTS $25/g Wax or 5g for $100 Peach Rings & Sour Diesel $55 1/2, $99 oz! Timeless Vapes 20% off!

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flamin’ hot day in Tucson

It’s a flamin’ hot day in Tucson….but it’s nice and cool inside our dispensary! Best of all, it’s Fantastic Friday. Come see us! ☀ SAINTS Fun Friday! Choose any weekday deal: 25% off edibles, 20% off concentrates, 4.5 gram 1/8ths, or 10% off everything

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Jamyn Raspberry Jellies-Cannabis infused edibles

Jamyn Raspberry Jellies-Cannabis infused edibles 10mg THC per piece, 10 pieces per bag – 100mg THC total $10 What is an edible? A cannabis-infused food that is potent and body-focused, meaning they’re perfect for people who suffer from insomnia, nausea, pain, or lack of appetite. Edibles usually take 30 minutes to an hour to take […]

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Weekend vibes

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Crazy Kush (hybrid) Crazy Miss Hyde (Hybrid) Chocolope Kush (Hybrid) Choco Widow (Sativa) Sour Banana Sherbert (Sativa)

Wax Wednesday Concentrates on the Menu: Crazy Kush (hybrid) ($15) Crazy Miss Hyde (Hybrid) ($15) Chocolope Kush (Hybrid) ($25) Choco Widow (Sativa) ($20) Sour Banana Sherbert (Sativa) ($25) 20% OFF all wax and cannabis concentrates, including Vape Products (Timeless, Vapen, and KIND) #waxwednesday #concentrates #cannabisconcentrates #cannabiscommunity #medicalcannabis #cannabis420 #marijuanawax #dispensarydeals #highthc #thc #hightimes #medicalmarijuana  

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Strains edibles budtenders in tucson 2017

Strains edibles budtenders in tucson 

💚Fun Friday💚 Come in and tell us what you want and what special you want to use! This is your special day! We have the biggest selection of strains, the best edibles, quality concentrates, and coolest budtenders in the state! We care about YOU! Happy Friday 🍃🔥#cannabiscommunity #marijuana #medicalmarijuana #tgif