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Purple Panda, Durban Poison

SUPER Sunday Strains List Purple Panda (Hybrid): a relaxing strain that helps patients who have stomach or eating problems. Also offers good results for those who need relief from pain, tight muscles, anxiety, stress, and depression. Durban Poison (Sativa): An exceptional stimulating sativa, excellent morning/daytime medicine. Feel productive, focused, creative, and ready to take on […]


Grape Gobstopper Kush, Clementine, Rocklock, Mama Mia, Skunk 1, Akorn

SAINTS SUNDAY STRAINS Grape Gobstopper Kush (Hybrid): Feel energized and happy with this wonderful hybrid. Patients like Gobstopper for treating chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, chronic stress, and mood disorders. Clementine (Sativa): For a focused and uplifting day, Clementine is your Strain. Best for daytime use. Helps patients feel productive, energized, and calms the nerves. […]

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Citrix Sativa, original skunk, 8 ball kush, clementine, berry bomb

🔥💯SAINTS SUNDAY STRAINS 💯🔥 LOOK at our strains lineup for today! What a selection!!! 5 different strains for you to choose from. Citrix (Sativa): an energetic Sativa, the perfect daytime stress remover! Original Skunk #1 (Hybrid) : Appetite stimulator and useful to treat stomach issues. Also helps with fighting fatigue and depression. 8 Ball Kush […]