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Best dispensary for first time patients?

Are you looking for your first dispensary to visit after receiving your medical marijuana card? We would LOVE for you to make your first visit to our dispensary. We’re located at 112 S. Kolb Rd. in Tucson, Arizona. What is your New Patient Special Deal? Our new patient deal is buy an 1/8th get an […]

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Super critical dispensary

Sunday’s Strains! đŸ’¯ $5/Gram It’s always a special day at SAINTS, but today’s Sunday’s are extra SUPER! Super Critical (Indica) Great for night-time use, very relaxing, used for pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety. #calming #sleepy #strongindica Jack Herer (Sativa) A Happy, focused, energizing strain. Works well for patients who have stomach problems and low energy. […]

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