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ASMR live Resin with Anson at Tucson SAINTS Dispensary

ASMR sounds of live resin cannabis wax being twisted, pulled, and popped. Amazing! Delicious! Perfect for ASMR fans. Thanks to Anson, at Tucson SAINTS Dispensary! TODAY: 20% off Wax, Distillate, and Timeless Vapes! 20% off Flower! $55 1/2 $99 oz of Jack Herer and Blue Cheese! Watch video here: #asmr #asmrdispensary #liveresin #ASMRsounds

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Casey Jones ASMR Caviar Video

Sneak Peek! 🚨 Casey Jones Caviar Coming Soon! ASMR sticky, sweet, unbelievably delicious sounding Casey Jones caviar! Turn it UP! 🔈 Hear the kief shaking as it covers the wax encrusted buds? So yummy! Watch our shortened 1 minute clip! (Full length ASMR video posted on our YouTube Channel!)   #asmr #asmrdispensary  #asmrsounds #tucsondispensary #medicalmarijuana […]