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#racefuel strain dispensary in tucson

#racefuel Strain at tucson dispensary

CORE POD SYSTEM vailable at tucson dispensary

CORE Pod System available now at local Tucson dispensary

On October 2, 2020: We will be launching the CORE POD SYSTEM (core pod and battery  +2nd pod) for $70 (in box there will be a battery and pod and you can pick other strain for your second pod). WHILE SUPPLIES LAST +We are the ONLY dispensary in Arizona to carry the CORE POD System!

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Order Keef Cola Online!

Keef Cola—Winner of the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible! So refreshing! 🥤 Available at our Tucson dispensary! 25% off Keef Cola, 10% off everything else! SAINTS BOGO Thursday! Buy One Get One 1/4’s of Gold or Platinum Tier Bud!   Have you tried Online Ordering? Follow this link to learn more: https://bit.ly/2H4In0Z […]

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