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24k, Fruity Pebbles, Mama Mia, Arianna, Akorn Strains

🔥SAINTS SUNDAY STRAINS🔥 Akorn (Hybrid) : Get relief from pain, inflammation, and depression with this awesome Hybrid. Fruity Pebbles (Hybrid) : The euphoric effects will keep you happy when you’re stressed and relaxed when you need to calm your mind and body. Mama Mia (Indica Dominant Hybrid) : Mood lifter, removes anxiety and stress, stimulates […]

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Grape Gobstopper Kush, Clementine, Rocklock, Mama Mia, Skunk 1, Akorn

SAINTS SUNDAY STRAINS Grape Gobstopper Kush (Hybrid): Feel energized and happy with this wonderful hybrid. Patients like Gobstopper for treating chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, chronic stress, and mood disorders. Clementine (Sativa): For a focused and uplifting day, Clementine is your Strain. Best for daytime use. Helps patients feel productive, energized, and calms the nerves. […]

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Green Beret Sativa Akorn Hybrid Noble White indica

Noble White Strain, green Beret Strain, Akorn Hybrid Strain Marijuana

🔥SAINTS SUNDAY STRAINS🔥 Noble White (Indica): excellent Indica for pain, stress, and deep relaxation. Green Beret (Sativa): great mood booster! Fantastic for migraines, mood swings, and chronic stress. Akorn (Hybrid): Get relief from inflammation, pain, and depression with this super hybrid! Available while supplies last! Come in to place your orders. Since opening our new […]

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