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watermelon cookie dawg indica strain

Sour Pinot, Watermelon Cookie Dawg, Cookie Dawg Sour Pinot

Sunday Strains for Sept 29 2019

Sour Pinot (Sativa)

Typically used for pain control and help with depression. Known to produce euphoria and lift your spirits. A very flavorful strain with hints of grapes (thus the wine reference). Patient feedback:  it is strong and tasty!

Watermelon Cookie Dawg (Indica)

Strain effects: Balanced, Creative, Happy, Relaxed. Helpful for patients who need help with sleep, and overall body relaxation.

Cookie Dawg Sour Pinot (Hybrid)

Feel happy and focused with Cookie Dawg Sour pinot. Patients who have stomach issues and nausea, stress, and fatigue find relief with this wonderful Hybrid.