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Sonic Screwdriver, Royal Tree, Dank Commander, Juice

Sunday Strains for November 3, 2019:

Royal Tree Hybrid

Feel focused and productive with this “heady” strain. Great for patients who can’t focus, have racing thoughts, and need help with energy.

Dank Commander (Indica)

An exceptional hybrid that patients use for inflammation, migraines, and pain control. Many feel happy, aroused, and get the giggles 🙂

The Juice (Sativa):

An energizing Sativa for daytime medicating. Helps patients boost energy levels for a productive day. Many patients use The Juice to fight pain, depression, and for its stimulating effects.

Sonic Screwdriver – Sativa

A stimulating, citrus flavored Sativa with a strong uplifting energetic effect. Excellent for patients who need a boost in energy and for those who like to medicate to be more productive.

5/Gram today ONLY