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Sensi Star, Death Star OG, Elderberry, Zona Dream, Green Beret, Hemlock, Lucy, $10 per Gram!

It's Top Tier Thursday!
Check out the Top Tier Strains on the Menu for today!
Sensi Star (Indica) (Pictured): Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup, very powerful all over sensation, excellent for pain relief and insomnia.

Death Star OG (Indica): fantastic strain for inflammation, pain, and stress relief!

Elderberry (Indica): Helps with stomach discomfort and brings on happiness!

Zona Dream (Sativa): Ease into a calm euphoria with this Sativa!

Green Beret (Sativa): Helps with PTSD, migraines, chronic pain, and ADD/ADHD

Hemlock (Hybrid): used to help with seizures, MS, and muscle spasms

Lucy (Hybrid): Many find relief from racing thoughts and anxiety, headaches, and muscle pain.

$10 grams and $30 1/8's of top tier @ SAINTS!