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Strains Bud Pictures

Blue Dream (Sativa): Blue Dream (Sativa): an exceptional strain and a VERY popular daytime medicine for most patients. Useful for treating headaches, pain, depression, and nausea and many agree that it gives them the perfect boost to start each day.

Casey Jones (Sativa): ⭐️ Patient Favorite ⭐️
Very energizing Strain, used often during morning and daytime hours. Feel your mood elevate, as any negatively fades away. Many say this is one of the best strains available!

ChampaCheese (CBD): High CBD Strain, ChampaCheese 🍃
Strains high in CBD have low psychoactive effects (you won’t feel “high”), but will be able to keep a clear head while enjoying your day. Get relief from muscle twitching, pain, inflammation, and anxiety with ChampaCheese.

Chem Cookie OG (Hybrid): A sedating and relaxing indica that’s ideal for patients looking to treat symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, and sleep deprivation.

Citrus Soother (Hybrid): “A delightful Sativa grown by saints! I’m so pleased with how this new Strain helps my energy in the morning!”
-Patient Review

Dark Prince (Indica): Helpful for patients who have a hard time falling asleep. Relaxing, calming, sleepy time medicine. Patients like this strain to lower anxiety and racing thoughts.

Dos-Si-Dos (Indica): “As a daily user, I felt Dosidos was powerful and seems to last longer than others. It’s an earthy, piney, indica and doesn’t take much to get you where you want to be.”
-Patient Review

Gods Gift (Indica): “this strain has been a gift for me as a patient who suffers from sleeplessness and chronic pain throughout my body. I also have severe anxiety and depression especially during this pandemic, worrying about my health and family. I am happy with Gods Gift strain.” -Patient Review

Grape Lime Ricky (Hybrid): A citrus and fruity strain, helps patients who have chronic pain, muscle spasms, and sleeping issues. A tasty strain!

Hindu Hash Plant (Indica): “this strain makes me super sleepy and relaxed. I have issues with falling asleep and it brings on a slow calm on my body and creeps up to my mind, allowing me to fully relax enough to fall asleep instead of laying in bed with constant anxious thoughts going through my head.” -Patient Review

Jack Herer (Sativa): An exceptional sativa for morning medicating. Patients find that it lifts their mood, and makes them feel more focused and energized. Reviews show that it helps with depression and chronic pain.

LSD (Sativa): Many patients report that this cerebral Sativa lives up to its name, offering a psychedelic experience!

Malibu Pie (Indica): A sweet nighttime strain, helpful for those with insomnia. Relaxing and mellow, sleepy, happy.

Old Family Purple (Indica): “Great Strain for Indica lovers. Very resinous, wonderful aroma, a strain that won’t disappoint. So robust, will definitely make your life happier! If you need to relax, had a hard day, need some sleep, or stimulate your appetite, Old Family Purple is a Strain for you.”
Bryan, SAINTS Grower

Pamplemousse (Sativa): High energy strain, patients appreciate this strain for it’s boost in energy levels in the morning and afternoon. Also a great pain reliever and overall mood lifter. Grown by SAINTS! A patient favorite!

Purple Punch (Indica): “Purple Punch is one of my favorite indica strains we grow here at SAINTS. It has a beautiful vibrant purple color and a deliciously sweet smell making it our most popular seller. When smoked, it has a feel good vibe that is very relaxing. I would recommend this strain to any patient who is looking for help with sleep, pain relief, or anxiety.”
-Allison Gross, Inventory Manager

Race Fuel (Hybrid): This relaxing, uplifting, and happy Hybrid is a wonderful mood enhancer that helps to release bodily and mental tension. Known to help with pain, depression, and nausea. A potent strain that is a favorite to many patients!

Sonic Screwdriver (Sativa): A stimulating, citrus flavored Sativa with a strong uplifting energetic effect. Excellent for patients who need a boost in energy and for those who like medicating to be more productive.

Strawberry Cough (Sativa): Patients with ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, and Migraines will find relief in this sweet strain. A good daytime medicine to keep your motivation high


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