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Tucson Dispensary Reviews

leafly-reviews-tucson-saints“Great deals, great prices, great staff and great place to get what you need.” –Andie S “I would recommend SAINTS to anyone! They are extremely helpful, and have always been kind and thoughtful. They are knowledgeable and friendly.” –Michelle L
“Best dispensery in town love the quality of product’s” –Sheila G
“Very friendly and knowledgeable” –Maritza
“The Saints of Tucson! Pretty much sums it up. Are you a number or a person? Because I think if you are a number you can find a more suitable place for your business. If you are a person then this is the place for you! best specials, fine product and an unbelievably cool and helpful staff. I could go on. I always leave smiling.” –Alan
“awesome place for veterans and does have good flower and people there are so cool and nice” –Matthew
“Katy is the best… Informative,helpful,beautiful,always happy,great assest to your team.” –Keith
“The staff is always very nice and educated. They have really good specials, and decent bud.” –Chiquita
“Great strains, great budtenders and great prices! This is my fav spot hands down” Captain M
“friendly & very helpful budkeepers, who will take all the time necessary to review all of the dispensary items with you.” –Larry C

“Love the staff! Every single one of them is so friendly. Love the specials, too. I don’t really need to go anywhere else.” –Reeve
“Havent been to any dispensary just got my card in the mail yesterday! And have heard awesome reviews about you ill be coming in on my lunch as a first time patient cant wait for the awesome experience everyone else is having thats why there is 5 star rating from me see you guys soon!” –Michael
“I think it’s the best dispensary in Tucson the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and the place is always clean” –Mark
“My best choice by far staff is amazing and make u feel right at home the flower is amazing for the prices. My favorite yet. Saints much love” –Steven
“The nicest down to earth people here! Great specials everyday! Love $6 grams Sundays. My favorite place!” –Dara G
“Absolutely the best staff/guard EVER! My car broke down in the parking lot and they let me get shelter from the heat n some water. Thanks to everyone that was working yesterday and today, you guys Rock! Thanks again” –Amanda
“just the best in town you know it is as every event has been a line for a hour and almost out the door” –Alex
“The best staff, products, and service in town hands down. Always treated great always impressed with what I get.” –Nicholas
“Great staff and great prices including awesome specials each day.” –LuAnn

“So I’m pretty new to the medical marijuana world and had spent time trying to figure out which dispensary is right for me. I was looking for professionalism and class, and I didn’t like going to other dispensaries and seeing them look very stereotypical stoner. Your shop is a perfect example of a professional shop that looks to make a difference. I set out to prove the to people that you can smoke hemp and medicate while still contribute to the rest of society. I believe you guys capture this idea.
In the end Thanks for being professional, polite, and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work.”

“Hi my lovely SAINTS crew, I waited over 20 years to get my card, so to meet your staff and have them all be so amazing, made the 20 year wait well worth it. Your staff are the best! I’ve only been to 4 other dispensaries, however, yours has been and always will be, my favorite! I tell you guys that every time I’m there but it really is true.

I’ve suffered with chronic illness (Lupus) since I was 17, so to be able to medicate at the age of 46 (now 47) has been a dream come true. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am that you were my first dispensary experience. You set the bar high and no one has come even close to the excellence of your staff and product. I love you all and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your kindness. I’ll hopefully see you again in July but we’ll see.”

“Professional staff, and even the non top self product is amazingly, good quality and they have the best prices. I am a combat veteran and recommend that veterans come here”

“This was my first dispensary ever, and it was amazing! I checked out a couple since then and I honestly have to say this place is best! They were suuuper friendly and extremely helpful. You will walk out of there knowing everything you need to know. You get to smell and touch the bud so you know full force what you are getting. This will for sure be my go to dispensary. They made my first time well more than anything I could have imagined it being!! Thank you so much guys I’ll def be back! Oh and their trees are on fire!!! “

“Always willing to go the extra mile with your medication needs and questions so long as they have the time. They put patients first. “

“Fantastic selection, like being a kid in a candy store. So much to try, I’m definitely coming back! The staff were knowledgeable, and friendly. A very pleasant experience. “

“Amazing meds, I love “Super Critical” because hours after the effect has worn off I feel very happy and my roommate/ friends can all see my heightened social interactions. They also see an improvement in my mood, thank you SAINTS :)”

“These guys are so awesome! They are so helpful and knowledgeable. Their medicine is always good quality and, considering their size, they have a good variety of different delivery methods (edibles, vaporizer pens and cartridges, concentrates, etc). They are expanding and will have an even greater variety! Their grand re-opening is on Jan. 26, 2015!”

“great selection of flowers as well as concentrates. There always really nice and really helpful when I’m in there. Susan is the manager and she is awesome and if there ever is a issue she will make it right for you. Tim and Monica are really cool bud tenders and always helpful. I love this dispensary!! “

“I LOVE this dispensary, its my favorite one in Tucson. I love that they have trim, and my two favorite strains are ChampaTsu and Blue Dream.”

“Thank you for hosting a fun 4/20. You were so proactive with advance ordering, great specials , snacks and the usual fantastic and friendly service. As crazy busy as it was, they took time to interact with all their customers and engaging their regulars. Give this folks a try on the east side. ”

“Professional place with nice, knowledgeable people. Good selection of quality meds at a reasonable price.”

“The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They know which strains will work best with a particular medical condition. If you aren’t sure-just ask.”

“Great location – friendly, welcoming and helpful staff! Excellent medicine @ good prices. First visit…definitely not the last.”

“Best customer service and quality of ALL the flowers! LOVE THIS PLACE!”

“I have gone to almost all dispensaries in Tucson, but I find this one to be the very best. I live totally on the opposite end of Tucson from their location, but the long trip is worth it because of a young gentleman (sorry I don’t know his name) who ALWAYS is 100% on the mark with his recommendations. Quality of medicine has always been excellent.”

“I like this dispensary. It’s very clean and organized and gives a nice welcoming vibe. The employees are helpful and easy to have a conversation with. I will definitely be stopping in more often!”

“The best flowers in all of Tucson. I’ve never been disappointed. Quality, all the way.”

“Always a great place to get my meds! Close to home and super convenient. Great environment with very friendly and helpful staff! Thanks SAINTS! ”

“Thank You Integrated Therapies & Staff… Very Happy Again. Great Smoke & Great Service… Truly A Very Happy Camper…”

“This is one of my favorite dispensaries, primarily because of their buy one get one free prerolls. That’s right, on Sundays, you buy a 1g preroll and get another one free. Same with half grams. And its good stuff too, not trim. Real strains of real flower all rolled up for you. Also the staff is friendly and they don’t take tips so it’s real and not kindness-for-tips. They also have a security guard who is very polite and opens doors for folks. ”

“This place is great , lots of flowers , great service I would come back or recommend this place to others in need of medical buds.. Not only do they have a great selection of flowers but they also have good edibles..”

“Great budtenders, very knowledgeable and experienced in all varieties. Luv Luv Luv this place. Will always go to this dispensary. Monica has advised me on many products all with great results. They are like family!”

“Best selection in town! Insane quality and out of this world prices. ChampaTsu and Blue Dream are both excellent. High CBD strains 50/50 that are great for tight muscles. Worth the drive from any distance. Thanks again. MS.”

“The folks here are absolutely amazing!! They are super knowledgeable about all their products. The product is always on point and they know which is best for me. I love the fact they know my name and the security guy is even way cool. The SAINTS is the place for me!! Must recommend!!! ”

“These are great people with an outstanding product. Top shelf! ”

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff made me feel comfortable right away. SAINTS grows their own strains, and boast an impressive selection of medicine for very wide range of specific ailments. But please don’t tell anyone about their electrifying Pineapple Express Sativa, because I want to be sure it’s in stock for my next visit!”

“Over the past 3 months, SAINTS has become my clear go-to favorite. Yesterday’s experience further reinforced this choice. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and always willing to go out of their way to help and inform. The meds are consistently extremely high quality and the selection seems to expand each time I visit. Ample parking and visible security, as well as a most convenient location on Tucson’s east side place this dispensary firmly #1 on my list. Already planning my next visit.”

“SAINTS was the first dispensary I ever went to and they made me feel incredibly at ease. not having consumed cannabis since I was a teenager, and recreationally at that, I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the different terms and weights and uses and so on. they quickly evaporated those concerns. from their visible and friendly but intimidating (a plus!) security guard to their small and personable staff, you will never be nervous for long. I will visit SAINTS as long as it is open or I live in Tucson.

“This was my first visit to Southern Arizona Integrated, although I have been to almost every other dispensary in the Tucson area. Southern Arizona is a top flight operation, from the very visible security guard at the entrance, to the internal atmosphere, knowledge and service quality of the staff, and not least of all, the quality of the flowers. It was a very pleasurable experience from start to finish, and I would put SAINTS at the top of the list of Tucson dispensaries. Many, if not most, of the flowers on the menu are produced at the dispensary’s own grow operations. Judging from my purchases today, I would rate the bud tenders at the grow facilities as very proficient. SAINTS will certainly get a lot of repeat business from me. ”


“Don’t buy flower anywhere else people! Other spots have holiday sales, join text club and all week great deals on ounces! Tasty flavors for $99. not prepackaged ! Now who do I got to show love to, to get big nugs, this is my new spot!! Not 3rd party $99. Ounces like Nature Med. Steven thanks for the heads up!!”