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Purple Panda, Durban Poison

SUPER Sunday Strains List

Purple Panda (Hybrid): a relaxing strain that helps patients who have stomach or eating problems. Also offers good results for those who need relief from pain, tight muscles, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Durban Poison (Sativa): An exceptional stimulating sativa, excellent morning/daytime medicine. Feel productive, focused, creative, and ready to take on the day. Rated as a top strain by sativa lovers. Don’t miss out on todays deal!!!

Dosidos (Indica): An outstanding choice today if you’re looking for a true indica that will relax your body and mind. Excellent for pain management, a top notch strain for melting you into a deep sleep.


$6 g, $20 1/8, $35 1/4, $65 1/2oz, $120 oz

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