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Parents Who Use Cannabis

parents using cannabis instead of drinking tucson saints

Parents Who Use Cannabis

It’s acceptable for adults to drink a glass of wine, have a few beers or indulge in a few libations each night to relax after a hard day at work. But, what about using cannabis?

In our culture, alcohol has always been a part of most adults’ day-to-day activities. What about parents who don’t choose to use alcohol and instead like to smoke or ingest cannabis?

“The stigma is there,” says an Arizona medical mari- juana patient who is also a parent to two young children. “If I wanted to drink a beer every night after work, no one would bat an eye. The fact is, I don’t like the way alcohol makes me feel, so I choose to smoke out of my vape pen when feeling anxious. I’m not ashamed of my cannabis use. It’s actually safer and doesn’t make me drunk or act out of my mind. I think it makes me a better mom to my boys.”

Many parents who use marijuana choose to do so after their kids have gone to bed. There are many different ways to consume cannabis and most can be done so discreetly. Another patient adds, “It helps me out much more than drinking a shot or two of booze or taking pills. I find that I’m less inclined to overreact and find myself enjoying my kids instead of feeling over-reactive or agitated.”

There are products available at Tucson SAINTS Dispensary that parents can easily use throughout the day such as tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD vape pens, high CBD strains and micro- dosing products that are 2mg, a very low dose that will not make one feel high or overly medicated.

Like alcohol or any other drug, it is important to keep medications in a secure spot where they are not accessible to minors.

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August 2019