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Nebula, Bruce Banner, Dolato, Incredible Bull, Mr Clean

Sunday Strains for Dec 29 2019

Bruce Banner (H)

A strong strain that works for treating chronic pain, migraines, depression and anxiety.

Dolato (I)

Calm any nervous energy with this wonderful Indica. Helps to induce sleep, appetite, and relaxes tight muscle.

Incredible Bulk (I)

Powerful for relaxing the mind and body. Good to use before bedtime. Also helps patients who have nerve pain, muscle tightness, and anxiety.

Monster Cookies (I)

A fruity strain, helpful for pain, nausea, and relaxation.

Mr. Clean (H)

An energizing strain, brings on feelings of happiness, creativity, and depression.

Nebula (S)

Great for nausea, lack of appetite, and depression. Helps boost energy levels and treats pain.

Purple Afghan Kush (I)

A deeply relaxing strain! Fantastically fruity that truly relaxes the body and mind.