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Moonshine Haze (Sativa) Blue Dream (Sativa) Blue Ox (Indica)

Sunday! March 1, 2020

Moonshine Haze (Sativa)
Blue Dream (Sativa)
Blue Ox (Indica)

Blue Dream (Sativa) 💙
an exceptional strain and a VERY popular daytime medicine for most patients. Useful for treating headaches, pain, depression, and nausea and many agree that it gives them the perfect boost to start each day.

Blue Ox (Indica):
Patients going through chemotherapy appreciate this strain for its help with pain, nausea, and boost in appetite. This strain is a powerful indica that has sedating effects and very much helps with sleep.

Moonshine Haze (Sativa):
Helpful for depression, stress, creativity, pain, and gives a real boost of energy when needed. Energetic!