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Microdosing Products at Tucson SAINTS Dispensary ☝🏼

Review by Budtender, Jessica

“The microdose products that we have are really good for those patients who are just getting started with edibles. If you’re not too familiar with how your body is going to react, then microsdoing is the best way to start. You get a small dose instead of a large dose at once.

They are also great for patients who have been using edibles and want something to keep them going throughout the day without feeling too high or medicated. I really recommend the strawberry banana from Haze and Main because they work great and also have a nice sweet flavor to them!” #hazeandmain #microdosing #microdose #edibles #weededibles #dispensarygirls #dispensarylife #budtender #budtendersociety #tucsondispensary #tucsonmmj #mmjpatient