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Memorial Day Strains for Veterans

Strains for Memorial Day:
While all patients are different, we’ve found that hybrids and strains high in CBD work best for patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders, rage, and depression. 

High CBD Strains Champatsu/Cannatonic

It’s not uncommon for PTSD patients to opt for CBD strains during the day and high-THC strains before bed. Why? CBDhas potent anxiolytic and mood-stabilizing effects. Yet, THC is a far more powerful sleep aid. For those looking for a daytime strain that won’t cause a “high”, Cannatonic is a perfect strain.
Blue Dream:

Blue Dream is one of the best strains for every patient. A balanced hybrid, Blue Dream offers a mellow and relaxing feeling that provides a sense of bodily calmness and mental ease. Slightly sativa-dominant, Blue Dream promotes a strong mood uplift and cultivates a sociable mood. Many medical patients use it for relief from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Northern Lights: 

Northern Lights is one of the most popular indicas around. Sleepy and mellow, this strain is very popular among those with conditions like PTSD, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, and depression.

It’s a go-to sleep aid for many medical cannabis patients out there. Heavy-hitting and fast-acting, this is a strain you grab when you find yourself in a real rut and need to de-stress pronto.
Granddaddy Purple (Indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud) – The mix of couch-lock body relaxation and foggy head high make this strain a great one for turning off a churning mind. GDP is one of my favorite all-purpose indicas. It’s nice before bed, it relaxes the muscles and it puts you in a quiet state of calm. Good one with a hot bath, candles and maybe some herbal tea
Lavender (Indica cross between Super Skunk, Afghani, Hawaiian and South Asian Indica) – This smooth, relaxing indica melts over you – with a full body buzz that fights off aches and pains while also creating a happy, if somewhat fuzzy, mental state. It’s also a decent strain for socializing, compared to other indicas that can sometimes leave you too spaced out to function. It’s not sleepy so much as it is smooth and soothing.
White Widow (Hybrid cross of South American and South Indian landrace sativas) – This strain, which was developed in the Netherlands and is popular in Amsterdam coffee houses, is, for me, the best overall strain for my personal biology. I find it to be a perfect blend of body and euphoric mental high that’s great for a variety of purposes. I also seem to like pretty much any strain that has White Widow as a parent. It’s very calming and keeps me from overthinking things. While it’s probably not the first strain I’d grab during a panic attack (that would most likely be the Ogre Kush), it is a soothing all-purpose happy hybrid.
Pineapple Express: 

Pineapple Express is an easy and mild sativa-dominant hybrid, it inspires a lovely upbeat attitude and is perfect for daytime consumption. If you do well with THC during the day, this strain can provide effective relief without overpowering the consumer.

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