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Meet Our Budtenders

“Buds” at Tucson SAINTS Dispensary

We will be featuring a different Budtender or Grower each month. Stay tuned and check back often to learn more about your favorite cannabis experts at SAINTS of Tucson.

all about CBD Donovan BudtenderDonovan, our CBD Expert, shares his knowledge on the wonderful benefits of using high CBD products for many ailments.

Learn all about the medicinal benefits of CBD, (Cannabidiol), one of the most prevalant active cannabinoids identified in cannabis, along with THC. When using cannabis, THC will make you feel “high” whereas CBD will not.

As our Budtender, Donovan, explains, some benefits of non-psychoactive CBD are:
-helping to get off of Pharmaceutical medications
-pain control
-anti-tumoral agent
-helps control Compulsive Behaviors/Panic Attacks
-counteracts THC

CBD will not cause cognitive impairment. It will help with
-pain perception

Some of Donovans favorite CBD products from our dispensary include: Tucson SAINTS Champatsu High CBD Strain, CBD vape Pens from Timeless Vapes (XJ13, AC/DC), Vapen Clears CBD Crystalline, Uncle Herbs THC/CBD 1:1 Tinctures, Pure Ratio Patches, Uncle Herbs Medicated Balms and CBD Muscle Rubs.

Please enjoy Donovan’s CBD Video here:



Tim, our August Budtender/Manager of the Month.

“So much MORE than just a Budtender”
Tim’s peaceful, calm, and optimistic personality fits well with our patient’s needs. His vast knowledge sets him apart as one of the absolute BEST Budtenders in Arizona. He thrives on witnessing success in our patients and feels deeply about the powerful medicinal effects of cannabis.

Lets Get to Know Tim…
History: Manager, 3+ years at Tucson SAINTS
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Spending time with Fiancé (Congrats, Tim and Suzi!) 💍

Favorite Products:
Strain: Blue Dream, One of most popular strains, hybrid/Sativa Dominant, good for pain, stomach issues, euphoria, best of indica and sativa 🍃

Edible: Jamyn, 100mg gummies, taste great, price is excellent, VERY popular 🍒

Pain Patch: Pure Ratios, sciatica, lasts 96 hours, works really well!

Tim, we are thankful for you everyday and appreciate all that you do to help our patients and to make SAINTS the best dispensary in Tucson.

Watch his video here:

We are so excited to welcome everyone to view a Sneak Peek into our biggest surprise of the year! As some of you have heard, we have been in the process of building a NEW dispensary expansion. As we move closer to opening our doors, we want to share with you what to expect: 7-12 Budtending Stations means little wait times, much quicker service, and easier viewing of ALL of our products. We listened to what each of you have suggested and implemented your concerns and desires into our the NEW Tucson SAINTS!

Mural by: Steven Obregon
Budtender giving us a tour: Tim Arnold



(in his own words)
micah-meet-our-buds-budtenders-at-Tucson-saintsMy name is Micah 🙂

I’ve been working in the Medical Marijuana community for about 6 months now, but I have had a passion for marijuana as long as I can remember. Growing up, my family taught me that alternative medicine can heal people. Over time, I found that Cannabis was a great form of alternative medicine for myself, among other people in my family.

Now, I’m living my dream of being able to help people on a daily basis at Tucson SAINTS medical marijuana dispensary.

Please stay tuned for our “Meet Our Buds” Youtube video series where you will be getting to know each of our Budtenders at SAINTS and our Grow Team, also!

Watch Part I of Micah’s video here!

Come by the dispensary and meet Micah yourself! He is excited to help you find the medicine that will work best for your condition.


Watch Part II of Micah’s video here!



Anson: “Concentrate Connoisseur”: the man behind SAINTS wax and cannabis concentrates




David: June Budtender of the Month

Budtender of the Month

Shows us Different Ways to Medicate in a “How To” Video:

I got my card about 18 months ago and it was life changing, there are plenty of clinics in Tucson, but my FAVORITE is SAINTS, always good deals and being able to talk on the phone with knowledgeable employees. Like David, and others, and have the confidence to “order blind” knowing that if they do not have what I need I will not be sold meds I would not be happy with, makes all the difference.

Keep up the good work and keep David, he is one of the originals.

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