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Maui Haze (Sativa), Dark Prince (Indica), Citrus Soother (Hybrid)


Citrus Soother (Hybrid)

Another sativa dominant hybrid that patients look for in a morning pick-me-up is so popular that SAINTS can’t keep it in stock.

“Citrus Soother truly lives up to her name with a very pungent lemony scent that stands out in every room. It is a sativa dominant strain that provides wonderful energy while also having well balanced effects, soothing joint pain and calming the mind.”

-Taylor, SAINTS Grower

Dark Prince (Indica)

Helpful for patients who have a hard time falling asleep. Relaxing, calming, sleepy time medicine. Patients like this strain to lower anxiety and racing thoughts.

Maui haze (Sativa)

An uplifting, energetic strain! Gain energy, feel productive, and help manage depressive thoughts with Maui Haze.