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master grape sunday strain

Master grape Strain


Master grape Strain (Indica): This beautiful mellow strain smells of grape bubblegum. Excellent for patients who need relief from anxiety and help from sleepless nights. Body aches disappear, the mind settles into a peaceful place, and all aches and pains are removed. (for more information from Leafly, read reviews HERE. More from us HERE

Deadhead OG (Sativa): Fans of this fantastic sativa will want to get up get things done! Patients find their creative side with this energetic strain.

Purple Panda (Hybrid): a relaxing strain that helps patients who have stomach or eating problems. Also offers good results for those who need relief from pain, tight muscles, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Cataract Kush (Indica): The perfect stress and pain reliever, anxiety remover, also an excellent cure for insomnia.

These are available only on the date posted (Jul 22, 2018)