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dosidos strain

LSD, Master Grape, ChampaCheese, Dosidos, Sour Diesel Sunday Strains

Fabulous lineup today!


Master Grape – Indica

This beautiful mellow strain smells and tastes of grape bubblegum. Excellent for patients who need relief from anxiety and help from sleepless nights. 🍇

LSD – Sativa

Many patients report that this cerebral Sativa lives up to its name, offering a psychedelic experience! 🕶

Sour Diesel – Sativa

A natural anti-depressant, motivating, and excellent for morning/daytime medicating. A truly exceptional Sativa Strain! ⛽️

Dosidos – Indica

Sleep inducer. Long lasting Pain relief with this sedating Indica! 💤

ChampaCheese – Indica

If you are looking for relief from anxiety, muscle twitching, inflammation, headaches, or pain, Champa-Cheese might be what you’ve been searching for. 🧀