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Happy 420!

Happy 419/420 from all of us at SAINTS!

We’ve decided to open our doors on 419 and 420 this year so that our patients can get in early to beat the deals 🎉

Let’s make this the BEST 420 Celebration for everyone! We have a special Snapchat filter available while inside our dispensary. As long as you have location services ON, it will show up while inside our lobby 📱

420 is a huge day for all cannabis patients around the globe. Let’s all celebrate the wonderful medicine that we are legally allowed to use.

A few things to remember:

1. all orders are walk in only. We are expecting to see a lot of patients today. Come in, enjoy a cup of coffee and donut, and know that wait times may be a little bit longer than usual.

2. All specials are from 419-420. First come, first serve.

3. Our staff is working hard to make sure that everyone is served in a timely manner and well taken care of. Please remember to be courteous and patient.

4. Each purchase will get a raffle ticket for a FREE OUNCE Winner will be drawn on Saturday, 4/20. (You must have weight allowed by the state for pick up).

5. We will be closed Sunday, for Easter

To learn more, please follow this link: https://bit.ly/2Gasp1v