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happy 420 tucson dispensary deals

happy 420 tucson dispensary deals

Happy 420 tucson dispensary deals for April 20, 2021 ONLY. Tucson SAINTS will be celebrating with all of our medical patients this 4.20.21!

Happy 4.20 Specials!

Come Celebrate 420 with Us!

  • 1 oz raffle (ticket with purchase) Happy 4.20 Specials!
  • 25% off Good Things Coming Edibles
  • FIRST 50 purchases will get a free SPRINKLES packet
  • Good Things Coming Mango Chili samples to first 70 patients (with purchase)
  • Hippie Chicks 42mg samples to first 300 patients (with purchase)
  • TruInfusion CARTS & EDIBLES will be buy 2 get 1 Free
    *No Other Discounts Apply*
    Walk In or Online Only
    While supplies last!

    We hope to see you all!

    smile tucsonReminder that 420 will be extremely busy. We will be fully staffed to make your 420 experience as quick and easy as possible. Please understand that phones will be tied up. We appreciate your understanding and kindness!

  • Learn what 420 means…why do we celebrate it as a cannabis users holiday? Click HERE for more info

These specials are for 4.20.21 only

7 thoughts on “happy 420 tucson dispensary deals

  1. PapiPuffs says:

    Some bunny shared this page cuz this shit is on fire right now on social media. I don’t even live in that damn arizona state but i came here to comment. I like weed.

  2. Chris says:

    I’ll be there! Best dispensary in Tucson by far. Best 420 specials and deals

  3. carrie says:


  4. Brad Stanton says:

    Dude, these specials are sick. Hope yall are giving away shirts this year to

  5. Mark Place says:

    Truinfusion flower deal? Any flower deal?

  6. Jon Black says:

    fire specials this year! we will be in line waiting.

  7. Drayken says:

    If you guys plan on getting any thing good i suggest you get there early. This dispensary sells their shit quickly and the whole tucson town shows up, nonofyobiz@reefermadnesss.com

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