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Getting to Know an Arizona Cannabis Grower

Cannabis Grower Taylor Tucson GROW

Many cannabis users don’t realize the dedication, love and effort it takes to grow their medicine. One local farmer does. Meet Taylor, who has worked for Tucson SAINTS Dispensary for close to five years. His career in the cannabis industry started as a “Trimmer”, one who skillfully trims the fan leaves from the bud before it is dried and sent to the dispensary for patients. He currently works under SAINTS Master Grower.

After working with the plants so closely, Taylor’s passion for growing led him to absorb any knowledge and information that he could learn from his peers in the industry. He found that he enjoyed watching the plants thrive and saw how his focus and dedication to each detail of the plants paid off. The more attention he gave to the plants, the better they turned out, which in turn created better output and quality for Arizona medical marijuana patients. His love for growing the finest cannabis shines through in the many positive reviews that SAINTS Dispensary receives on the quality of their medicine.

One strain that has gained a lot of attention recently is a particular sativa that works by lifting patients from depression. “Casey Jones is aesthetically pleasing with a unique structure and longer than usual trichomes that can be seen from a distance,” explains Taylor. “It smells like the best bowl of cereal that you’ve ever had—a breakfast of champions. It brings a perfect boost for a morning hike, adding a great spark of creativity.”

A hybrid strain that veterans and those with PTSD seek out is another top seller at SAINTS. One patient claimed, “I can actually feel it relaxing and rewiring my body. Perfect balance of energy, relaxation, pain relief, euphoria and creativity—a real anti-anxiety and anti-depressant.”

Taylor adds, “Gelato has quickly become one of my favorite strains. Its deep dark purple tones are beautiful. The fruity aroma, I would best describe as how a mouthful of Starbursts taste. It is my go-to strain after a long day’s work, very relaxing, but not overwhelming. It allows some productivity before it’s time to sleep.”

Another sativa that patients look for in a morning pick-me-up is so popular that SAINTS can’t keep it in stock. “Citrus Soother truly lives up to her name with a very pungent lemony scent that stands out in every room. It is a sativa dominant strain that provides wonderful energy while also having well balanced effects, soothing joint pain and calming the mind,” says Taylor.

SAINTS’ focus is on their patient’s needs, striving to assist each individual with choosing the best quality medicine. They pride themselves on their growers’ dedication to each plant, from growing it to dispensing to their patients. At this, Taylor excels.

Tucson SAINTS Dispensary is located at 112 S. Kolb Rd., Tucson. Connect at 520-886-1003 or TucsonSaints@gmail.com. See ad, page 43