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Ganja Yoga
Have you ever thought about taking your yoga or mindfulness practice to a new “high?” Many in Tucson are. Yoga classes offer both physical and mental benefits for people of all ages. Classes are popping up everywhere, from fitness gyms to private studios. Others practice in the comfort of their own homes. But what about adding an extra level of depth by using cannabis beforehand?
Yoga is effective for balance, concentration, and focus. It aids both mentally and physically by calming the body and mind. Some medical marijuana patients believe that utilizing cannabis before yoga enhances their yoga practice. Cannabis fights inflammation and pain while helping muscle tension and anxious thinking.
“Cannabis and yoga can go hand-in-hand. They both involve a spiritual aspect such as bringing a higher level or consciousness. I feel more calm and introspective when I’m doing yoga and also when I’m in an elevated state after smoking cannabis,” said a Tucson SAINTS medical marijuana patient, “By combining the two, a new spiritual plain has been opened for me….one that has helped me overcome PTSD and intense depression and anxiety that Western Medicine has not been able to cure. This is my own therapy that is healing my mind, body, and spirit.”
Exercising while calm is very important to two Tucson SAINTS Budtenders. “When I smoke Citrus Soother, a SAINTS grown Hybrid, before I go to yoga, not only does it relax me but it calms my body. It really opens my heart and mind chakras so that I’m able to practice better. Cannabis helps me get into deeper stretches and get more out of what Yoga is. It’s so healing,” Kate Frey, a Tucson SAINTS Dispensary Budtender said. She is very familiar with the ancient Ayurvedic Perspective on marijuana and yoga and feels a strong spiritual connection that helps bring her peace of mind and open her senses all at the same time.
April B., a patient visiting SAINTS dispensary, said that she uses a discreet vape pen before class. “I was so nervous going to a yoga class, thinking thoughts about what if I look ridiculous, what if I don’t know what to do. But now that I calm my nerves before class, I feel much more relaxed and I’m also able to calm my racing thoughts. Additionally, my body isn’t so tense anymore. Puffing on my vape pen before I walk into the studio has proven to be such a good combo for me and now I’m getting my husband to come with me, too, since he is a MMJ patient who uses medical marijuana for severe pain. He loves coming to yoga with me now!”
Another patient chimed in and said that he uses medical marijuana before his meditation class to get more in touch with his body and mind. He feels that cannabis helps open his airways, and breathe easier.
Due to the growing legalization throughout the country, more medical discoveries have been made about cannabis and all the benefits that it has to offer. Combining the healing aspects of yoga and marijuana is just the beginning of the journey to better health.