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Jack Herer Sativa STRAIN

Fruity Juice, Master Grape, Blue Cheese

🌟Sunday Strains 🌟

Fruity Juice (Sativa): Very energizing! Perfect for patients who need an extra push to get the day started.

Jack Herer (Sativa): Happy, focused, energizing. Works well for patients who have stomach problems and low energy. An exceptional daytime medicine!

Master Grape (Indica): This beautiful mellow strain is excellent for patients who need relief from anxiety and help from sleepless nights.

Blue Cheese (Indica): Excellent for stress relief. Perfect indica for winding down after a long day.

ChampaCheese (Indica): If you are looking for relief from anxiety, muscle twitching, inflammation, headaches, or pain, Champa-Cheese might be a great fit for you.

Sunday strains go quickly so get your orders in!