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Death Star, GGM, Candy Apple

Sunday! 👏🏼 2-9-2020

GGM (Hybrid)

FROSTY! This best of both worlds strain is helpful for patients who are looking to medicate with a strain that won’t make them tired and also won’t intensify the sometimes anxious overstimulated feelings that a Sativa strain will offer. Patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression love GGM.

Candy Apple (Sativa):

A delicious Sativa dominant strain. Sweet and fruity. Energizing, happy, and motivating, this strain helps patients who are down and depressed and also for patients who suffer from headaches/migraines.

Death Star (Indica)

A euphoric Indica great for sleep, insomnia, pain, and depression.

5/G!! 2-9-2020’only