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malibu pie sept 8

dank commander, malibu pie, pineapple express, citrus soother sept 8

Sunday Strains for Sept 8 2019!

Dank Commander (Hybrid): an exceptional hybrid that patients use for inflammation, migraines, and pain control. Many feel happy, aroused, and get the giggles 🙂

Malibu Pie (Indica): A sweet nighttime strain, helpful for those with insomnia. Relaxing and mellow, sleepy, happy.

Pineapple Express (Sativa): A Sativa dominant hybrid, with energetic effects for a productive Saturday! Helps patients become happy, uplifted, and euphoric while feelings of depression, stress, and pain fade away.

Citrus Soother (Hybrid): Another sativa that patients look for in a morning pick-me-up is so popular that SAINTS can’t keep it in stock.
“Citrus Soother truly lives up to her name with a very pungent lemony scent that stands out in every room. It is a sativa dominant strain that provides wonderful energy while also having well balanced effects, soothing joint pain and calming the mind.”
-Taylor, SAINTS Grower
“A delightful Sativa grown by saints! I’m so pleased with how this new Strain helps my energy in the morning!”
-Patient Review