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Chemdawg, Jack H, Grape Lime Ricky, GGM nov 24

Sunday strains Nov 24

Jack Herer (Sativa)

An exceptional sativa for morning medicating. Patients find that it lifts their mood, and makes them feel more focused and energized. Reviews show that it helps with depression and chronic pain.

Budtender Alan says: “Jack Herer, a classic strain always a go to when I need an uplifting energetic high.”

Grape Lime Ricky (Hybrid)

A citrus and fruity strain, helps patients who have chronic pain, muscle spasms, and sleeping issues. A tasty strain!

GGM (Hybrid)

This best of both worlds strain is helpful for patients who are looking to medicate with a strain that won’t make them tired and also won’t intensify the sometimes anxious overstimulated feelings that a Sativa strain will offer. Patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression love GGM.

ChemDog – (Hybrid)

The perfect blend of both Indica and Sativa. Great for medicating before going out, relaxing at home, or anytime throughout your day! Many patients love Chemdawg, a true favorite!