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Champ Dragon, The Dream Thief, Luci Dreams

Wax Wednesday on the menu at SAINTS Champ Dragon (Hybrid) Banana Jack (Hybrid) Dark Angel (Indica) Lucid Dreams (Sativa) Strawnana (Indica) The Dream Thief (Sativa)   20% off Wax, Distillate, and Timeless Vapes! 20% off Flower! $55 1/2, $99 oz of Peach Ringz or The Juice!


Blue Dream concentrates available in tucson

Blue Dream .5 $25 Stoned Shitless .5 $25 Fusion .5 $20 Island Skunk .5g $20 Skittlez .5g $20 Original Skunk Kief Cannabis Moonrocks Timeless Vapes, KIND Vape products, VAPENCLEAR syringes/cartridges/ 20% off ALL concentrates, vape cartridges, wax, shatter, kief, hash, Dr. Zodiaks Moonrocks, and caviar bud




Cornerstone Wax Tucson MMJ

$10 per 1/2 gram WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Cornerstone Wax Concentrate on SALE ALL DAY SATURDAY!

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God Bud Cannabis Wax

God bud wax concentrates at saints

Hybrids: Grape Goblin $20 Cheesecake $20 Bubblegum $25 Indicas: God Bud $25 Cactus OG $25 20% off all vape, wax concentrates, Shatter, Kief, caviar, and Moonrocks!

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Marijuana wax concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates on the SAINTS Menu today: Blueberry Chocolate Kush Hybrid – $20 Super Skywalker Indica – $25 Black and Blue Live Resin Hybrid – $30 #waxwednesday #wax #cannabisconnoisseur #marijuanawax 20% OFF TODAY!!!


Gorilla Shit Live Resin on sale in tucson

Wax and Live Resin on the menu for Wax Wednesday: Super Skywalker $25 Orange Gorilla Shit $30 Moonrocks by Dr Zodiak Take 20% off of above prices today!!!



Crazy Kush (hybrid) Crazy Miss Hyde (Hybrid) Chocolope Kush (Hybrid) Choco Widow (Sativa) Sour Banana Sherbert (Sativa)

Wax Wednesday Concentrates on the Menu: Crazy Kush (hybrid) ($15) Crazy Miss Hyde (Hybrid) ($15) Chocolope Kush (Hybrid) ($25) Choco Widow (Sativa) ($20) Sour Banana Sherbert (Sativa) ($25) 20% OFF all wax and cannabis concentrates, including Vape Products (Timeless, Vapen, and KIND) #waxwednesday #concentrates #cannabisconcentrates #cannabiscommunity #medicalcannabis #cannabis420 #marijuanawax #dispensarydeals #highthc #thc #hightimes #medicalmarijuana  

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KIND Concentrates LIVE Resin VAPE

KIND Live resin is a highly concentrated form of cannabis oil, known for its robust terpene profile. Available in cartridges for vaping. -Aurora -Blue Dream(S) -Girl Scout Cookies(S) -Gorilla Glue (H) -Jack Herer (S) -Northern Lights (I) -Super Silver Haze (I) -True OG (I) All Vape, wax, and concentrates 20% off today! Wax, Hash, Kief, […]

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marijuana wax tucson

Wax is Back!

WE HAVE WAX! (back on the shelves) -Tetrahedron Budder -Blue Killa Cookies Crumble -Kilimanjaro Budder -Kings Nightmare Honeycomb -Pink Disco Biscuit -Windex OG all $25 20% off Vape Products, Wax, Kief, Hash, and Caviar Buds all day @tucsonsaints