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Big Foot Bars Medicated Chocolate

Uncle Herbs Big Foot Bars 🍫< ich flavor, smooth texture. Milk, Dark, and Mint Chocolate flavors. Delicious! The perfect treat to help with chronic pain or insomnia. 10: 10mg pieces< today~it’s Medible Monday at SAINTS! $15 each, 20% off today!

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Uncle Herbs THC CBD tincture

Uncle Herbs THC/CBD tincture

Uncle Herbs THC/CBD tincture has excellent antioxidant properties, is neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, and is antibacterial. This tincture provides strong pain relief and helps the body heal itself. The added CBD has anti-psychotic effects and may even counteract any negative side effects that high doses of THC has on patients, such as nervousness and anxiety. Try a […]

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House of Janes brew

House of Jane, Bhang Bhang, uncle herbs

Last day of SAINTS 4 Year Anniversary SALE! Choose any daily special, 3 different Raffles, and 1/4’s for $44 of select SAINTS strains!! #houseofjane #bhangbhang #uncleherbs