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Champ Dragon, The Dream Thief, Luci Dreams

Wax Wednesday on the menu at SAINTS Champ Dragon (Hybrid) Banana Jack (Hybrid) Dark Angel (Indica) Lucid Dreams (Sativa) Strawnana (Indica) The Dream Thief (Sativa)   20% off Wax, Distillate, and Timeless Vapes! 20% off Flower! $55 1/2, $99 oz of Peach Ringz or The Juice!


Uncle Herbs THC CBD tincture

Uncle Herbs THC/CBD tincture

Uncle Herbs THC/CBD tincture has excellent antioxidant properties, is neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, and is antibacterial. This tincture provides strong pain relief and helps the body heal itself. The added CBD has anti-psychotic effects and may even counteract any negative side effects that high doses of THC has on patients, such as nervousness and anxiety. Try a […]

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Blue Dream 1G Cartridge from Timeless Vapes

Blue Dream 1G Cartridge from Timeless Vapes. This is an all around favorite strain for our patients; a perfect strain for any occasion. The medicinal effects are felt almost immediately; a mellow and relaxing warmth all over the body. It’s an excellent medicine for chronic pain sufferers, anxiety, stress, depression. ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, […]



Growing medicine for our patients 

10% off everything today! Beautiful cannabis plants 🍃Veterans get an additional 10% off #growingmarijuana #grownbysaints #growingmedicine


Live Resin Tucson SAINTS dispensary

Live resin

Live Resin:Smells fantastic! Made using fresh whole cannabis flowers as opposed to buds that have been dried and cured. The result is flavorful Terpenes–flavor and aroma that is unlike other wax concentrates. It’s wax Wednesday! Take 20% off all concentrates 🔥💨 #waxwednesday #liveresin #concentrates #cannabiscommunity   Live Resin Tucson SAINTS dispensary