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Trainwreck, ChampaTsu, and Bordello

🔥 SIX DOLLAR SUNDAY 🔥While supplies last!  TODAY’S STRAINS:  Trainwreck, ChampaTsu, and Bordello $6 g, $20 1/8, $35 1/4, $65 1/2oz, $120 oz #sixdollarsundays #marijuana #strains #cannabis #medicalmarijuana #dispensarydeals #trainwreck #champatsu #bortello



LSD, Sour Cherry OG, Critical Kush at Tucson saints

🔥 *NEW SPECIAL ALERT* 🔥Six Dollar Sunday starts today!!! We will announce each Sunday morning the strains that will be on special.  TODAY’S STRAINS:  Sour Cherry OG, LSD, and Critical Kush $6 g, $20 1/8, $35 1/4, $65 1/2oz, $120 oz Sour Cherry: hints of berries, long lasting, head and body high, smooth smoke, great […]