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KIND Clear Vape Cartridges

KIND Clear Vape Cartridges

Luscious fruity flavors with 35%+ THC. Available in sativa, hybrid, and indica cartridges. Also available: slim pens for inconspicuous vaping. KIND vape products are on special today for Wax Wednesday, along with our beautiful Purple Punch Live Resin at $25 a half gram. Take 20% off vape products, wax, and moon rocks! price for KIND […]


KIND Live resin


KIND Live resin, a highly concentrated form of cannabis oil, known for its robust terpene profile.  Available in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica cartridges for vaping. Try one today for Wax Wednesday! #kindconcentrates #liveresin #waxwednesday #cannabisconcentrates


K.I.N.D Live Resin and VapenClear Cartridges

K.I.N.D Live Resin and VapenClear CartridgesLIVE RESIN Cannabis oil that is highly concentrated known for its robust terpene profile.  Available in cartridges for vaping: Aurora (I) Blue Dream (S) Girl Scout Cookies (S) Gorilla Glue (H) Jack Herer (S) Northern Lights (I) Super Silver Haze (I) True OG (I) Wax Wednesday: take 20% off all […]



KIND Concentrates LIVE Resin VAPE

KIND Live resin is a highly concentrated form of cannabis oil, known for its robust terpene profile. Available in cartridges for vaping. -Aurora -Blue Dream(S) -Girl Scout Cookies(S) -Gorilla Glue (H) -Jack Herer (S) -Northern Lights (I) -Super Silver Haze (I) -True OG (I) All Vape, wax, and concentrates 20% off today! Wax, Hash, Kief, […]

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Northern Lights LIVE Resin 1000mg

Northern Lights 1000mg LIVE Resin: a clean, potent, and VERY flavorful vape cartridge. K.I.N.D Concentrates uses the whole cannabis flower-before its been dried or cured-to make their live resin, producing a superb quality, high terpene content, fast acting medicine for many ailments. If you suffer from pain or insomnia, and need immediate relief, you will […]

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LIVE resin Kind concentrates

If you have yet to try K.I.N.D concentrates live resin, today is a great day to pick one up! KIND’s award winning Live Resin comes in a convenient, disposable, and discrete slim pen. All VAPE products are on sale today, 20% off. Homepage #KIND #kindconcentrates #slimpen #liveresin