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Field of Greens

Growing Marijuana for our Tucson Dispensary. Pictured: Bryan, Grower Grown By SAINTS  

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marijuana grown in arizona

$15 grams CSI REDHEAD Super Critical The BLACK

*The JUICE *Super Critical *The Black *Shiatsu Kush *Skywalker *24k *Bubblegum *Cheese *Chupacabra *Cornerstone *Purple PUNCH *Pineapple EXpress *Strawberry Cough *Blueberry Kush CSI REDHEAD Look at our TOP TIER THURSDAY Lineup for today! Wow 👀


Pineapple Express Hybrid

Pineapple Express (Hybrid) Strain in Tucson

Pineapple Express (Hybrid) 🍍 A Sativa dominant hybrid, with energetic effects for a productive Saturday! Helps patients become happy, uplifted, and euphoric while feelings of depression, stress, and pain fade away. Try Pineapple Express today and get a BONUS: 4.5 gram 1/8ths!

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