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Growing Marijuana for our Tucson Dispensary. Pictured: Bryan, Grower Grown By SAINTS  

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$15 grams CSI REDHEAD Super Critical The BLACK

*The JUICE *Super Critical *The Black *Shiatsu Kush *Skywalker *24k *Bubblegum *Cheese *Chupacabra *Cornerstone *Purple PUNCH *Pineapple EXpress *Strawberry Cough *Blueberry Kush CSI REDHEAD Look at our TOP TIER THURSDAY Lineup for today! Wow πŸ‘€


growing medicine

Cannabis plants medicine

Working hard at our grow to make the best medicine for our patients. Today is Patients Day: you choose your special (any daily deal excluding $6 Sunday)! #medicalmarijuanapatient #medicalmarijuanasaveslives #cannabisplants #growingmedicine #grownbysaints 




Grown by SAINTS

A beautiful sight and smell from under the Mom plants at our grow. Nice way to start the weekend! What are your plans? Come see us at the dispensary and choose your favorite items while using your favorite special of the week! It doesn’t get any better πŸ˜„βœŒπŸΌπŸŒΏ #tgif #grownbysaints #weloveourpatients #cannabis #medicalmarijuana




Garden of Weeden

Garden of Weeden πŸƒπŸπŸƒ 4.5 gram 1/8ths @ SAINTS today! #grownbysaints #tucsonweed #medicalmarijuana



SAINTS Grow Room Video

We grow over 50 strains of medical marijuana at our facility. Our sativas, indicas, and hybrid all are grown with the highest grade seeds and cared for throughout their growth cycle. From there, we prepare the plants to be given to our patients in our dispensary. No other MMJ dispensary in Arizona has over 50+ […]