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God Bud Cannabis Wax

God bud wax concentrates at saints

Hybrids: Grape Goblin $20 Cheesecake $20 Bubblegum $25 Indicas: God Bud $25 Cactus OG $25 20% off all vape, wax concentrates, Shatter, Kief, caviar, and Moonrocks!

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God Bud

God bud, blue Dream, Kush

Top Tier Strains on the Menu for TOP TIER THURSDAY SAINTS The Black (indica) God Bud (indica) Blueberry Kush (indica) Purple Mayhem (indica) NAZM Blue Dream (sativa) Amnesia Dream (sativa) SAINTS *Shiatsu Kush (hybrid) Lucid Blue (hybrid) #tendollargrams #thirtydollareighths


GodBud CheeseCake

Godbud Cheesecake Tucson SAINTS

#GodBud#CheeseCake #toptierthursday #tucsonsaints

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God Bud Indica Sensi Star

God Bud and Sensi Star

Top Tier Strains on the Menu Today! Try God Bud or Sensi Star for a relaxed, euphoric, happy, and uplifted all over sensation. Find relief for Stress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite with these wonderful indica strains. $10 grams and $30 1/8’s of top tier flower! #toptierthursdays #medicalcannabis #mmj #indica #godbud #sensistar 

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