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sublime peanut butter brownie edible tucson dispensary

sublime peanut butter brownie edible tucson dispensary


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“I keep a supply of my ‘go to’ strains for my medical needs. The SAINTS strains I always have on hand are: Cornerstone, Thin Mint, Strawberry Cough, and Optimal Prime” -Patient Pictured: Cornerstone Tucson dispensary serving all medical marijuana patients in Arizona. Doctor on site for recertifications and AZ mmj card renewals. Excellent service, high […]

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Tucson SAINTS Dispensary 112 S Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ 520-886-1003



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8 ball kush blue suede zkittlez elephant stomper Sativa

🔥Sunday SUPER Strains 🔥 Elephant Stomper (Sativa) 8 Ball Kush (Indica) Blue Suede Zkittlez (Hybrid) 8 Ball Kush is a great Indica for patients who need relief from inflammation, stress and depression, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Blue Suede Zkittlez, a Hybrid blend that helps patients feel focused while also helping them relax and manage […]


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Best dispensary in tucson

Friday's are usually our busiest day, for good reason: we give YOU the option to choose which daily special that you'd like to use. We've opened our new dispensary and wait times are much less because we have 6-12 budtending stations open to serve you. Get in and out quickly! Best edibles, best bud, best […]


biggest marijuana dispensary in tucson

Biggest Dispensary in Tucson

We have officially moved into our HUGE new space! You’ve got to see it to believe it. Beautiful, spacious, and best of all…7 Budtending Stations means YOU don’t have to wait long to get in to pick out your meds! 👏🏼 It’s all about our patients 🙌🏼 👥Come see for yourself! #dispensarytucson #medicalmarijuanatucson iwhite00Looks awesome […]