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all about CBD Donovan Budtender

Donovan, All About CBD Benefits

Donovan, our CBD Expert, shares his knowledge on the wonderful benefits of using high CBD products for many ailments. Learn all about the medicinal benefits of CBD, (Cannabidiol), one of the most prevalant active cannabinoids identified in cannabis, along with THC. When using cannabis, THC will make you feel “high” whereas CBD will not. As […]

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Uncle Herbs THC CBD tincture

Uncle Herbs THC/CBD tincture

Uncle Herbs THC/CBD tincture has excellent antioxidant properties, is neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, and is antibacterial. This tincture provides strong pain relief and helps the body heal itself. The added CBD has anti-psychotic effects and may even counteract any negative side effects that high doses of THC has on patients, such as nervousness and anxiety. Try a […]

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