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“I keep a supply of my ‘go to’ strains for my medical needs. The SAINTS strains I always have on hand are: Cornerstone, Thin Mint, Strawberry Cough, and Optimal Prime” -Patient Pictured: Cornerstone Tucson dispensary serving all medical marijuana patients in Arizona. Doctor on site for recertifications and AZ mmj card renewals. Excellent service, high […]

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Tucson SAINTS Dispensary 112 S Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ 520-886-1003


8 ball kush blue suede zkittlez elephant stomper Sativa

🔥Sunday SUPER Strains 🔥 Elephant Stomper (Sativa) 8 Ball Kush (Indica) Blue Suede Zkittlez (Hybrid) 8 Ball Kush is a great Indica for patients who need relief from inflammation, stress and depression, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Blue Suede Zkittlez, a Hybrid blend that helps patients feel focused while also helping them relax and manage […]


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Fantastic Friday is here and that means all of our daily specials (except Sunday) are yours to choose from! A great time to stock up! ✌🏼 #mediblemonday #tenofftuesday #waxwednesday #toptierthursday #funfriday



Veterans every Tuesday sale

Cannabis for vets

Veterans: every Tuesday, you receive 20% off your order at SAINTS! 🇺🇸 #vets #medicalmarijuana #medicalmarijuanapatient #vetsdiscount #cannabis #cannabiscures #cannabisheals #veteransdiscount