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420 specials at tucson saints dispensary

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Our 419-420 specials: $42 1/8ths of wax (restrictions apply, Discuss with your Budtender!) $4.20/ grams (all flower, all strains, all tiers!) BOGO on sublime edibles 75mg or less Raffle for a FREE OUNCE! First 150 patients get a FREE Good Things Coming edible! All Fun Friday deals are also available today! and much more!!! […]




Why do we celebrate 420 as a national holiday?

What does 420 mean? written by Tucson Dispensary SAINTS Most medical marijuana users have heard of, or used, the term “420” when referring to ingesting cannabis. Whether it means that it’s a special time on the clock each day that signifies the importance of using marijuana, or as a silly reference to memories or times […]

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420 specials tucson dispensary

🌿Happy 420🌿 $4.20/ GRAM strains!!! -Sour Grape -Captain OG -Kilimanjaro -Plat. Blue Dream 🔥2 Raffles (one ticket per order) (Winning ticket will be drawn at the end of the day and winner will be notified) “Flower Power” Basket: An OUNCE of flower Cones, papers Rolling tray And MORE! “Dabbers De-Lite” Basket: 4 grams concentrates VNail […]

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