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Cannabis and Mental Health

cannabis for depression and ADHD

Cannabis for Mental Health

Many Arizona patients visit a medical marijuana dispensary looking for a cannabis strain that will help with their mental health, in addition to their qualifying condition. Common concerns include grogginess, lack of focus, depression and inability to cope with everyday tasks. Others want to boost their mental acuity and become more positive in their thoughts.

Jessica, a Budtender at SAINTS Dispensary, said that “patients often ask for something to help with clearing up negative thoughts.” A strain that she often recommends is Race Fuel, a sativa that SAINTS grows. Other common concerns that patients want relief from include: depression, anxiety, increased energy, focus, and concentration. A patient visiting SAINTS mentioned that she loved Pineapple Express, because it is “strong and helpful to keep me focused on the task at hand.”

Tucson SAINTS Dispensary grows several strains that will help these common problems. Many strains that boost energy and help with mental issues are Sativa or Hybrid strains, due to their stimulating effect on the mind, making patients feel more positive, happy and motivated.

“Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel both help treat my ADD/ADHD and give me a major burst of energy in the morning,” states another patient visiting SAINTS.

As more and more research continues, it is evident that medical marijuana helps to effectively treat many problems in the field of Mental Health.