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Uncle Herbs Big Foot Bars

Uncle Herbs Big Foot Bars. Rich flavor, smooth texture. Milk, Dark, and Mint Chocolate flavors. Delicious! The perfect treat to help with chronic pain or insomnia. 10: 10mg pieces it’s Munchie Monday at SAINTS!


jack-herer-strain-dispensary-tucson 2019

Pakistan Valley Kush, grape lime ricky, quantum kush, jack herer, CBD

Sunday Strains for Sept 15, 2019 Champa-Cheese (High CBD) (Indica) Strains high in CBD have low psychoactive effects (you won’t feel “high”), but will be able to keep a clear head while enjoying your day. Get relief from muscle twitching, pain, inflammation, and anxiety with ChampaCheese. Grape Lime Ricky (Hybrid) Cross between Purple Urkle and […]


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Chem Cookie OG Review

Chem Cookie OG (Hybrid): A sedating and relaxing indica dominant Hybrid that’s ideal for patients looking to treat symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, and sleep deprivation.


Purple Punch Indica at saints

💜Purple Punch💜


Cherry Punch Indica Strain

Put a little punch in your day with Cherry Punch! This Indica-dominant hybrid strain comes on fast and strong, providing uplifting effects that are perfect for creativity and focus. Musky berry in aroma and flavor. Great for stress and headaches. Cherry Punch will help you feel good! SAINTS $80 oz of Cherry Punch! Top Tier […]


sublime cucumber serrano candy

sublime cucumber serrano candy Sublime Hard Candies come 10 in a package. The Cucumber Serrano candy is a balanced blend of spicy Serrano chili oil and cool cucumber flavor. Each candy is infused with 10mg THC. Happy Munchie Monday! 25% off edibles today only!


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dank commander, malibu pie, pineapple express, citrus soother sept 8

Sunday Strains for Sept 8 2019! Dank Commander (Hybrid): an exceptional hybrid that patients use for inflammation, migraines, and pain control. Many feel happy, aroused, and get the giggles 🙂 Malibu Pie (Indica): A sweet nighttime strain, helpful for those with insomnia. Relaxing and mellow, sleepy, happy. Pineapple Express (Sativa): A Sativa dominant hybrid, with […]


Sonoran Cooler Indica at SAINTS

Sonoran Cooler (Indica) 😎 Excellent as an anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, sleep aide, and patients use it to calm muscle twitches and aches. SAINTS $65 1/2 or $110 oz of Sonoran Cooler or HarleSin(High CBD)! Super Sized Saturday: 4.5 gram 1/8ths of any strain!


Race Fuel Strain at SAINTS

Race Fuel (Hybrid) 💨 This relaxing, uplifting, and happy Hybrid is a wonderful mood enhancer that helps to release bodily and mental tension. Known to help with pain, depression, and nausea. A potent strain that is a favorite to many patients!


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Train wreck, chem Cookie OG, Sedona Kush

Sunday Strains for Sept 1, 2019: Trainwreck (Sativa) 🚂 Get relief from migraines, arthritis, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and pain with this wonderful earthy sativa. Chem Cookie OG (Hybrid) 🍪 A sedating and relaxing indica that’s ideal for patients looking to treat symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, and insomnia. Sedona Kush […]