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2018 ending

12/19:  10 grams shake $25.00, Daily while supplies last. 12/22:  1/8 of Double Deuce wax for $22 12/24-12/29 All specials ( Sundays Excluded) every day 12/29:  Wax special (to be announced!) 12/31:  All products 31% OFF & Early Bird Raffle (patients that purchase 10am-2pm can enter to win a 10 gram Thai stick.  Winner will be drawn at 2:30pm)


Sativa dominant Pineapple Express

SAINTS Grown Pineapple Express (Sativa) 🍍 A Sativa dominant strain, with energetic effects. Helps patients feel happy, uplifted, and euphoric while feelings of depression, stress, and pain fade away.


Holiday ornaments munchie Monday

The kind of ornaments we love! Happy Munchie Monday, Tucson patients! 🍫 🥤 😋


Chupacabra, LSD, Blue Cheese, Jack Herer Strains Sunday

🌲 SAINTS SUNDAY STRAINS 🌲 LSD -Sativa Many patients report that this cerebral Sativa lives up to its name, offering a psychedelic experience! 👁🌀 Blue Cheese -Indica Excellent for pain and stress relief. Perfect indica for winding down after a long day. 🧀 Jack Herer -Sativa Happy, focused, energizing. Works well for patients who have […]


Allison saints tucson

“Happy FUN Friday, come see us!” -Ali, Inventory Manager 😊



Allen Cornerstone STRAIN

“Cornerstone is a beautiful sativa dominant hybrid that is really uplifting. It gets my creative side going and is a great mood changer. I medicated the other day with it and it really changed the way I was feeling and I ended up having a really great day!” —Allen, SAINTS Budtender


Stone Zkittlez

Waxes: Room 10 – H – $15 Stone Zkittlez – H – $20


brain talvy saints cannabis grow

Brian Talvy cannabis grower

A big thank you to our SAINTS Grow Team for all the love they put into making sure that we have the best medicine for our patients. Grower, Brain Talvy’s favorite part of working at the Grow is watching the plant go from a tiny seed or cutting into a beautiful mature flower. “I love […]



LSD strain

$55 1/2 oz and $99 oz of LSD today at SAINTS!


Chem Cookie OG review by Steven Budtender tattoo artist

Watch our short video review on Chem Cookie OG by our fantastic Budtender, Steven-O! 🍪


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