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Cookie Dawg, Quantum Kush, Sonic Screwdriver

Sunday December 8, 2019 Quantum Kush (Sativa) Earthy, sweet, and helpful for appetite loss, nausea, and depression. Patients love this strain for increasing energy and uplifting effects. Sonic Screwdriver – S A stimulating, citrus flavored Sativa with a strong uplifting energetic effect. Excellent for patients who need a boost in energy and for those who […]


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alan tucson saints 7 year anniversary 2019

“Inside SAINTS” Dispensary Episode 3, 7th anniversary edition

Watch our wonderful video HERE: https://bit.ly/37HKa5p Tucson SAINTS is turning 7 on December 1, 2019. Watch our incredible journey from 2012-2019 through expansions and growth. We are dedicated to serving our Tucson MMJ Patients with the best quality care!


space bomb strain 2019-2

Space Bomb Strain so pretty!

trimming at tucson grow

“Trimming” Marijuana SAINTS Grow

“Trimming”at SAINTS Grow


Tipsy Turtle review donovan

Tipsy Turtle Review by Donovan

Watch Donovan’s short review on Tipsy Turtles and More on our YT Channel HERE: https://bit.ly/31Qp3cU


Gelato strain at Tucson SAINTS

Gelato Strain Beautiful

pretty images of Gelato strain growing


wax at saints

🔥 Cheesecake, Tropical Blast, Twice Baked, Time Warp 🔥



PURE and SIMPLE Beverages event at saints

PURE and SIMPLE Beverages event at SAINTS Dispensary

PURE and SIMPLE Beverages event at saints


tim wheel of winners at saints

Tim Wheel of Winners is on at SAINTS

The Wheel of Winners is on! Saturday fun at SAINTS 🤞🏼🏵 (pictured wheel is different!)