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Sunday Strains for Oct 6, 2019

Sedona Kush (Indica) πŸŒ™
Sweet and earthy strain that will leave you relaxed, happy and maybe even creative. Helps patients lower anxious thoughts and helps with those who have insomnia, as well.

Champa-Cheese (High CBD) (Indica) πŸ§€
Strains high in CBD have low psychoactive effects (you won’t feel β€œhigh”), but will be able to keep a clear head while enjoying your day. Get relief from muscle twitching, pain, inflammation, and anxiety with ChampaCheese.

Headspace (Hybrid)πŸ”₯
Calm stress and negative thoughts with the cerebral strain, Headspace. Excellent for pain and patient reviews show that many like this strain for a boost to their libido ❀️πŸ”₯❀️

Banana Watermelon (Indica) 🍌 πŸ‰
A relaxing indica for sleep and appetite enhancer. Many patients enjoy this fruity strain for its anti anxiety relief and excellent pain control.